August 1 2018

Digital Driving Challenge voted a Triumph!!


The Inaugural Digital Driving Challenge crowned a Winner!

It was a sweltering Friday in July at a race circuit in Bedfordshire which saw host to the inaugural Digital Driving Challenge. A fiercely contested, high octane racing event that pitted the UK’s Digital & eCommerce elite in a series of head to head driving challenges. The goal being to crown one winner the Digital Driving Champion 2018. 

The objective was to create an industry event that focused on building business relationships, developing networks and creating memorable experiences that would bond the team. The event ticked all those boxes and much more.

PalmerSport was the setting for this event, world renowned for their corporate racing events who provide a strong line up of race bred machinery such as the Formula 3000 racing car, the JPLM (Jonathan Palmer Le Man) spec race car and BMW M4, all supported by a group of instructors that will encourage the guests to push as hard as they can.

The day was supported by a select group of digital industry suppliers that came together to sponsor the event and individual trophies, one each for the driving challenges. All the Suppliers provide complimentary digital solution propositions that guests could discover more about as they networked within the teams throughout the day.

3-2-1 Go, Go, Go
By 9am the drivers were in the cars and the competition was underway, straight out and flat out from the start as guests got to experience the competitive machinery and tuition at it’s very best… tyres squealing, brakes over heating, the cars started to be pushed hard.  

From every corner of the circuit there was laughter, apprehension, excitement but most of all engaging conversation. It was not long though before the first casualties of the morning as the first recovery was made to retrieve one of the JMPL car’s that that been pushed a little too hard.

Before no time at all the morning’s events were completed and it was time for a well-deserved lunch. Time to recharge and reflect on the morning’s entertainment, comparing lap times and sharing experiences across the different driving disciplines.

As the afternoon session commences, there is a real buzz of excitement across the groups, nerves dissipated it’s time to make the most of the in car times as the competition heats up.

The most entertaining afternoon session must have been the Ariel Atoms, as all the guests pushed hard to improve laps time, cars were pirouetting & spinning off in a slow motion synchronised ballet one after the other. You could tell the competition was heating up!

As the final driving is completed, the guest’s head back for a well-earned afternoon tea and wait in anticipated for the awards ceremony. As guest relax and rehydrate from a hectic afternoon, the event commences it’s charity auction. Guests quickly get into auction mode and frantic bidding commences across a number of signed Formula One Team merchandise from Red Bull, Mercedes and Mclaren are put up for auction, raising money for the well deserved Children with Cancer UK charity.

The Digital Driving Challenge 2018 winners podium was as follows:

BMW M4 Dotmailer Trophy goes to Jose Finch
JPLM Altapay Trophy goes to Andy Howell
Formula 3000 Acquia `Trophy goes to Adam Simmonds
Clio Cup Neopsot Shipping trophy goes to Clare Jaggard-Smith
Ariel ATOM Reflektion trophy goes to Guy Hipwell
Sodi Karts Essential Retail trophy goes to Paul Masters
Caterham Valdiify trophy goes to David Collyer
Land Rover C4 Commerce trophy goes to Simon Malone

Driver of the Day SQLI Cup was awarded to Rob Pimlott

The overall winner, the Digital Driving Champion 2018 was won by Paul Masters, below