Retail Racing at Palmer Sport 2021

July 23, 2021
July 24, 2021

Held at The Swan Hotel in Bedford, set on the embankment of the beautiful Great River Ouse in Bedfordshire, the hotel offers luxurious rooms and provides a great environment for making valuable professional connections in the world of retail.



The Swan Hotel, Bedford

Curated Introductions

The event commenced with a series of curated one-to-one meetings, providing seniors within the retail world with the opportunity to meet solution and software partners and share their challenges and projects for the year ahead. ‍It was a great way to connect with key prospects and build a pipeline with some of the greatest retailers across the country.

Indulgent Networking Dinner & Prize Giving

Once introductions were complete, we indulged in a lavish 3-course networking dinner.‍This relaxed evening allowed guests to network and socialise as a group. During the evening we had an exciting guest speaker and the evening concluded with prize giving!‍Our Retail Racing Palmer Sport bash was a unique retail networking opportunity to build new relationships and create unforgettable experiences.

Luxury Driving Experience

On day 2, guests had the opportunity to drive some really luxury cars at PalmerSport. Each guest got behind the wheel of eight high-performance racing cars to compete in a series of challenges on this unforgettable retail connection day. ‍Missed out? Register for our next Retail Racing Event here.

What you will be driving

BMW M2 Competition
Caterham PalmerSport Edition
Caterham Pursuit
Land Rover Defender
Mclaren F3000
Palmer JP-LM
Renault Clio Cup Racer

AN unforgettable event

Again, a fantastic and unique industry event. We'll sure be back again next year!
Finn Finnimore
Head of Sales
Great networking event to connect with Technology partners
Fazlay Patel
Head Of Digital Transformation


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