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"The most exciting event in retail"

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"The most exciting event in retail"

14th & 15th July 2021!


The event

Retail Racing is a unique branding and networking event that connects Executives within Retail and Digital together with Retail Solution providers for an unforgettable networking experience like no other. The event combines a networking dinner with industry presentations, followed by an action-packed day of racing at Palmersport, where guests get to experience the high adrenaline world of motorsport, getting behind the wheel to drive a fleet of thoroughbred race cars. 


Networking Dinner

The event starts with a networking dinner the night before race day providing an opportunity to meet teammates and sponsors. The evening unfolds with a series of presentations and a guest speaker, a charity auction and of course a full brief of the racing day ahead!


Action Packed Race Day

Next morning all guests are ferried to Palmersport to commerce an adrenaline fuelled day of racing. Guests get behind the wheel of eight high performance racing cars to compete in a series of racing challenges. Each guest will compete for team and individual awards across all heart-pumping, action-packed driving challenges.


Trophies & Prizegiving

Live timing provides real time data to track the action as it unfolds throughout the day. Trophies for both individual races and team achievements are presented at the end of the day by our event sponsors.

​Everyone is focused on the ultimate prize to win the Retail Racing Champion Trophy, awarded to the fastest overall driver of the day!


A unique branding opportunity; build new relationships and create unforgettable experiences!


Become the Annual Retail Racing Champion!

The cars


Mclaren F3000

Many people dream of driving a Formula One car, and PalmerSport's exclusive Formula 3000 single-seater is the closest you’ll ever get to fulfilling that fantasy – and you’ll leave with stunning video footage to prove it!

Powered by a Cosworth-developed 3000cc V6 which thumps out 250 bhp at 6500 rpm, the engine growls as its acceleration pushes you deep into your seat. As you work the six-speed paddle shift on the steering wheel, the car is still accelerating hard as it blasts past 100 mph. 


Caterham Palmersport Edition

Caterhams have featured in the PalmerSport line-up for more than 20 years, and our East Circuit at Bedford Autodrome was even designed as the perfect environment for guests to explore the lightweight sports car to its limits – and beyond!

Our exclusive latest edition is the best yet and was personally developed by Jonathan Palmer to offer the most sublime driving experience, with a range of modifications and enhancements.


Caterham Pursuit

Go head-to-head against one of your team-mates in a Caterham for a contest with a difference.

You’ll be timed or scored on every activity at PalmerSport, but this battle takes place on two identical mirror-image courses with straights, hairpins and doughnut circles.

Don’t be fooled by how simple it looks – balancing grip against power is no mean feat as you slip and slide against the clock! You’ll want to push it to the max, but in a Caterham the dividing line between hero and zero can be a millimetre too much throttle applied a millisecond too early, so you’ll need maximum concentration for perfect powerslides.


Palmer JP-LM

The breath-taking Palmer JP-LM sports prototype will bombard you with all the sensations of a true Le Mans racer.

Our instructors will help you unleash all of its staggering acceleration, braking ability and cornering grip on the West Circuit - indeed this is the nearest you’ll get to jumping into a Le Mans prototype and heading off around the famous French circuit!


Renault Clio Cup Racer

The Renault Clio race car is enormous fun to drive on our fast and furious North Circuit and will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

Indeed, this fully manufacturer-developed racing thoroughbred, as raced in the UK Clio Cup championship, is rather like an oversized go kart – super-stiff, nimble and darty.


Sodi GT5 Kart

Our kart activity was transformed with the introduction of a fleet of brand new 390cc Sodi GT5 karts, which are faster, better handling and most importantly lighter to steer than those before.


BMW M2 Competition

The BMW M2 Competition is the most recent piece of Munich mastery to join our line-up.

This superb offering from BMW’s legendary M range features a number of enhancements, and has been stripped of its interior luxuries to transform it into a real compact muscle car.


Land Rover Defender

If you’re expecting our Land Rover Defender to be an easy option after driving our performance racing cars, think again!

You’ll need as much skill, concentration and commitment in the mud as you do on the track to successfully negotiate your way down rock-strewn paths, through deep rivers, and up slopes so extreme you’ll scarcely believe even a 4x4 could scale them.


Attended brands

Retail Racing is an exclusive event attended by senior digital decision makers from leading brands, including;


"I am delighted to support the Retail Racing events here at Palmersport. It has been fantastic to see the event grow every year and become such a unique experience for both the sponsors and guests."

Jonathan Palmer


What people are saying:

Here are three testimonials…

“I never dreamt I would be able to race such amazing cars” 

John Lewis



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2021 sponsors

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Supporting partners



We’d especially like to thank all the companies that have donated to previous events:




About us

Established in 2015, Retail Racing is a unique industry event that unites leaders of Retail together with Retail Solution Providers for an unforgettable networking experience, that puts the attendees driving skills to the ultimate test!

Retail Racing is designed to make networking exhilarating and memorable, ultimately creating bonding experiences and relationships that last forever.

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