Retail Racing at PalmerSport

October 12, 2023
October 13, 2023
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Located on the scenic embankment of the Great River Ouse in Bedfordshire, The Swan Hotel in Bedford offers an unparalleled setting for building a robust professional network. With its luxurious rooms and tranquil surroundings, it serves as an ideal backdrop for retail leaders to forge meaningful business relationships. Leveraging this unique setting, retail leaders can effectively work towards expanding their professional network, sharing innovative ideas, and driving growth in the retail sector.



The Swan Hotel, Bedford

Curated Introductions

Our October event, one of the premier networking events in the retail industry, will begin with a carefully curated series of one-to-one meetings. These meetings are specifically designed to provide retail leaders with the opportunity to interact with software and solution partners. It's an ideal platform for them to share their challenges, discuss upcoming projects, and strategize for the year ahead. Furthermore, this event presents an excellent opportunity to connect with key prospects and build a robust pipeline with some of the most successful retailers across the country. This event is a must-attend for those who aspire to be at the forefront of the retail world.

Indulgent Networking Dinner & Prize Giving

Once the formal introductions are complete, guests will be treated to a delicious 3-course networking dinner. This indulgent evening is one of our premier networking events, designed to foster connections in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Retail leaders, along with other esteemed guests, will have the opportunity to network and forge new relationships. The evening's agenda also includes an engaging guest speaker, adding an element of excitement and learning to the event.

Luxury Driving Experience

The second day of our event promises an exclusive luxury driving experience at PalmerSport. Guests will have the unique opportunity to take control of eight high-performance racing cars, partaking in a series of exhilarating challenges. This event is not merely about the thrill of speed but also serves as a significant retail networking platform. Our Retail Racing Palmer Sport October bash is an exceptional networking event that allows retail leaders to form new relationships and share memorable experiences. Do not miss this chance to blend excitement with strategic connections.

What you will be driving

BMW M2 Competition
Caterham PalmerSport Edition
Caterham Pursuit
Land Rover Defender
Mclaren F3000
Palmer JP-LM
Renault Clio Cup Racer
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AN unforgettable event

This was a great event to network and meet retail partners and prospects. It was the perfect opportunity to meet in a social environment and have friendly conversations.
William Mitchemore
Head of Retail
The best networking and idea generation event in my calendar
Kevin Cooper


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on the day

6.00pm - Guests check in at the Swan Hotel in Bedford

7.00pm - Reception commences, guests are seated

7.30pm - 3x course meal and networking

8.00pm - Guest Speaker and sponsor introductions

9.30pm - Briefing for racing day

9.50pm - Charity Auction

10.00pm - Networking at private bar until 11pm 

on the SECOND day

7.30am - Transport for those not driving to PalmerSports

8.00am - Registration and breakfast on location

8.30am - Full racing briefing 

9.00am - 4x racing challenges

1.00pm - Lunch

1.45pm - 4x racing challenges

4.30pm - Afternoon tea

4.45pm - Award Ceremonies 

5.30pm - Transport to Bedford for those not driving 

4.45pm - Award Ceremonies 

5.30pm - Transport to Bedford for those not driving 

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