Retail Racing

The retail industry event that keeps on giving. Retail Racing is a unique networking event that connects leading brands with the retail tech and software community. We bring you the world's greatest motorsport experience combined with retail networking between senior retailers and software providers for the most exciting event in retail. 

Retail Racing

The Ultimate Retail Networking Event

Established in 2018, Retail Racing unites leaders of Retail together with Retail Solution Providers for an unforgettable networking experience that puts the attendees driving skills to the ultimate test!

Retail Racing is designed to make networking exhilarating and memorable, ultimately creating bonding experiences and relationships that last forever.

Guests get behind the wheel of cars to compete in a series of racing challenges on these unforgettable retail connection days. Each guest will compete for team and individual awards across all heart-pumping, action-packed driving challenges.

1-2-1 Meetings & Networking Dinner

1-2-1 Meetings & Networking Dinner
Networking Dinner
1-2-1 Meetings
Networking Dinner

Enjoy curated 1-2-1 meetings with relevant retail decision-makers.  This unique opportunity to enjoy structured business introductions allows sponsors the chance to connect in a relaxed way, often leading to long standing valuable relationships.

Action Packed Race Day

During our race events, guests get to experience the high adrenaline world of motorsport. Getting behind the wheel to drive either a fleet of thoroughbred race cars or enjoying competitive karting around a track. 

Every guest gets to experience driving elite race cars or racing karts around a track.

Race Day
Action Packed Race Day
Race Day Cars
Race Day Car
Race Day Pilots
Race Day Party

TRophies & prizegiving

Live timing provides real-time data to track the action as it unfolds throughout the day. Trophies for both individual races and team achievements are presented at the end of the day by our event sponsors.

​Everyone is focused on the ultimate prize to win the Retail Racing Champion Trophy, awarded to the fastest overall driver of the day!

A unique branding opportunity: build new relationships and create unforgettable experiences!  Become the Annual Retail Racing Champion at Retail Racing’s ultimate race day networking experience.

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